Final Fantasy VII

Version Final Fantasy VII on the new iOS this launch actually keep all elements from the original version on the Consle or PC. There are also differences is just a thumbnail interface, every action of the player will now touch operation via touch screen. But anyway, with the faithful love the Final Fantasy series, then just like that is more than enough to satisfy blazing his phone party. However, for compatibility with mobile devices so the images in the game are also beautiful and magnificent as those of his brothers. earn to die

Final-Fantasy -VII

The plot in Final Fantasy VII are we again, strange planet Planet (also known as Gaia) again become chaos. Energy production company called Shinra Inc. have indiscriminate exploitation of the planet’s life energy (known as Lifestream) to use the same as a kind of fuel for every student. Of course, say short back then here is an action with the aim of not good of this company and everything became so much worse after a short time. At this, the main Cloud and his friends must stand up to fight and prevent the threat of imminent.


Due to the mechanism of action, gameplay in Final Fantasy VII are so I will speak again briefly. Gamers will come to the battle at random in some areas while moving. The match takes place in the form of hitting, you will give the form the character’s actions through a few simple screen touch operation.

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Need For Speed: Edge

As we have reported in previous articles, the end blockbuster online racing game Need For Speed: Edge was officially opened trials in the Chinese market, and Tencent released.

Known Need for Speed: Spearhead Edge by EA’s studio teams in Korea developed based on the Frostbite 3 engine, promises to give gamers the impressive images, from the type of car that we must dream life with enchanting paths, beautiful scenery. earn to die


like many other online games racing, Need for speed: Edge gives players experience the high-speed corners and elevation demonstrate opportunities both sitting on the expensive sports car that most people can only dream of, not only delight but also watch can walk around town, and even pierce them if you like. Tree of Life


One thing to remember, you need a closed beta key can test this game at the moment. Future games will be widely open beta keys do not need to.

Tree of Life

Punctuality, online game survive spiffy graphics from Korea is Tree of Life has officially opened the beta version on Steam after a long period of Early Access. a different type of item, you can sell to get money to buy the equipment for themselves. Earn to die

The tree of Life is an online game Sandbox to play content, creating the feeling of being « live » as well as « exist » sincerely in the virtual world. All the players will be involved in a real community with a complex economy, dynamic life and requires gamers to communicate, coordinate with each other regularly.

The control mechanisms in the Tree of Life go towards a third perspective, quite simple and almost nothing too hard with the players. The world in the Tree of Life is a vast open world, where the same players the experience of a common server. However, the part played in the Tree of Life is not really hard when players can easily search out food map, however, they will have to face the danger always stalking.Jailbreakers

In the Tree of Life, the player will be selected up to 24 different careers. Every profession has these properties, as well as the skill to help private players can make these products, equipped with his own values. Of course, players can learn and switch between 24 kinds of occupations.

The remarkable thing is that this profession has a certain interaction with each other, for example the Carpenter profession plays an important role in the Tree of Life, and is almost a career that each player must learn. This came from the Carpenter can make the dish fitted as casting for Blacksmith, tailor measure or simply trolley for the farmers.


A great injustice has been done. You are a good guy, and totally innocent yet find yourself in jail facing a long, harsh sentence. You finally cannot take this wrongful imprisonment any more. It’s time to break out and become a jailbreaker that goes down in folklore! Jailbreakers is a « great escape » game that will have you on the edge of your seat! In this challenging, reflex-based skill game, you must escape, and guide other escaping prisoners on foot from a well-guarded facility using the precise movement of your computer mouse cursor. You must carefully direct the other innocent detainees (that’s what they say anyway) through 15 increasingly difficult maze-based levels filled with sweeping laser beams, locked doors, hawk-eyed security guards, and other tricky prison-style obstacles and impediments. As if this wasn’t challenging enough – you have to complete each level under the additional pressure of a time limit! earn to die


This high-octane action game is all about using deft mouse movements and keen observation skills, where your pedestrian prisoners rely on their quick feet alone on their mad dash for freedom. You really need to be alert and precise in your movements in order to dodge and weave around the prison’s quickly changing laser beam defenses. Good luck out there in the open – and watch those fearsome lasers! Arnes De Mano


Arnes De Mano

Arnes De Mano is a clever & addicting online stick-fighting game where you play the role of a Filipino martial arts fighter who has to defeat as many enemies as possible, and survive for as long as he can. Perform cool ninja-style flips and fancy attacks with your Arnis hard wood sticks (also known as Kali or Eskrima sticks) to stun your opponents, and keep them on the back foot. Increase your physical prowess, and learn exciting new Martial Arts moves as you progress. earn to die


The unusual control system makes this cool fight-for-survival action game extremely unique and challenging. It requires really fast reactions, and your observation skills are also tested as there are sneaky attackers always popping up out of nowhere to keep you on your toes. Can you send enough of them packing to reach the top of the martial arts scoring chart? It’s time to see if you can become a true Arnis Warrior! Armed With Wings 3

Arnes De Mano

Armed With Wings 3

Armed With Wings 3 is a platform action adventure puzzle and an intense hand/sword fighting game for teens where you play the role of Leo, a young hero on his epic quest to destroy the evil forces that threaten to wipe out his village. He does this with the help of his trusted Eagle friend. Together, they have to solve perplexing puzzles and battle their way through various dreamlike worlds, taking out the bad guys and overcoming bosses in order to save their beloved village. This third installment of the super-stylish “Armed With Wings” game series is quite simply awesome! It’s an otherworldly adventure that will take you to the extremes of your fighting and thinking capabilities! The game delivers endless hours of high quality entertainment and fast-paced fun. Enjoy! earn to die

This latest version looks and sounds the same as the previous two games, apart from the subtle introduction of color to differentiate between worlds. It is however, easier to play (in terms of the controls) so there’s no excuse for not causing some serious damage! OK, you have two options: Story Mode or Survival Mode. In Story Mode, you have to make it to the shining portal at the end of each level, in order to progress. Review

Armed-With-Wings 3

You move and interact with your Eagle friend constantly. Working as a team, you both navigate your way through a variety of surreal and menacing landscapes, collecting health orbs, solving puzzles, finding treasures and taking out countless enemy assassins along the way. You’ll instantly be blown away by the super-slick silhouette graphics, beautiful backgrounds and dreamy ambient soundtrack here. There’s an in-game tutorial to guide you. Survival Mode, on the other hand, is a fearsome fight to the finish (you versus them – all of them!) where you battle against endless waves of enemies and bosses. You get to show the world what you’ve got!

In Story Mode, there are a number of dark and mysterious worlds to be crossed. They start out quite easy but then subtly get more and more difficult, as you progress. The further you get, the more brain-teasing puzzles you have to solve using your shrewd Eagle partner. This Eagle truly is your best friend. His ability to scout ahead and check out what’s in store for you is priceless! You need him to access tiny passages and to find and grab keys etc. Controlling the two characters becomes second nature in no time. In order to access upgrades (in both abilities and weaponry), you need to interact with two other characters – Leo’s Mother and the Blacksmith. This fascinating game is a wonderful journey of exploration and discovery; you need to play it to appreciate it! OK, ready for some razor-sharp sword fighting, fast-paced fist punching and spectacular wall jumping, all set amongst stunning scenery? Well, let’s get moving! Press SPACEBAR to begin!

Armed-With-Wings 3-1



Everything old is new again
With the release of Ratchet & Clank on the PlayStation 4, this long time Sony series has amazingly managed to go full circle all the way back to where it started in 2002. Re-visiting the first game – and the origin story for the famous space-adventuring duo – this re-imagining of their debut just so happens to be tied to the imminent release of their very own feature film. So yes, this is a game based on a movie… Er, based on a game.


It doesn’t take long to see that this is less of a remaster and more of a complete overhaul, and while the game follows the storyline of the original pretty closely, it makes a number of noticeable changes that’ll give even the most devoted of fans a few surprises. What’s clear is that whether it’s the level designs, weapons, or mechanics, developer Insomniac Games has treated this release like a greatest hits compilation, pulling elements and ideas from the previous titles in the series, while adding a few new ones to the melting pot as well. earn to die

The story’s narrated by long-time Ratchet & Clank ally Captain Quark, who promises to tell the true tale of the how the partners in destruction became the best of buddies. As you play through the early levels, the Cap’n dynamically references things that you’ll be doing on the screen, and at first it feels like there’s a lot of potential to throw in some twists and turns using an unreliable narrator – especially since he can’t help but spin his narrative in a self-aggrandizing and narcissistic way.


Unfortunately, this is never really used to its full potential, and, as the instances where Captain Quark’s voiceover appears rapidly decline, you’ll completely forget the narrative framing from the opening of the story. Fortunately, Ratchet’s quest to join the Galactic Rangers and save the galaxy provides plenty of opportunity for some signature planet hopping, and you’ll move at such a pace that you won’t have time to get bored of the excellent cocktail of platforming, puzzles, and third-person blasting.
The shooting, thankfully, is as good as ever, and represents a pinnacle for the series – unsurprising considering that there’s been close to fourteen years of iteration and refinement. There are the odd improvements through some minor additions – such as customisable weapon shortcuts on the d-pad – but if you’ve spent time with any of the more recent Ratchet & Clank titles, then you’ll know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.


Games based on movies have a pretty poor reputation on the quality front, however Ratchet & Clank emanates class in so many aspects that even referring to it as a movie tie-in sells it short. If you’ve never had the pleasure of enjoying this series’ brand of third-person blasting before, then this is the perfect chance to see just why the property has remained popular for over a decade. Meanwhile, if you’re already a fan, then this remake is a truly worthy entry in the franchise, and while it doesn’t do anything particularly new of note, it’s a greatest hits compilation so compelling that.

Capcom Dishes Out Details on Guile and a Brand New Stage in Street Fighter V

Ah, that’s a bit better, Capcom. Following an earlier leak, the Japanese publisher’s gone ahead and confirmed that Guile will be April’s new Street Fighter V combatant. The muscular military man will return with all of his well-known techniques intact, along with his really-dumb-but-somehow-still-cool iconic hairdo. earn to die
As with Alex, March’s additional fighter, Guile will be free to use until the title’s in-game store allows you to spend real money. Of course, He’ll also come with his own story and set of trials, while season pass owners will, of course, be able to nab him and his premium costumes for no extra charge.
That’s not all, though. Originally appearing in Street Fighter II, the air force base stage will be making a comeback, and the new location will again be free for those who purchased the aforementioned season pass. Everyone else will have to cough up a reasonably hefty 70,000 Fight Money to unlock it. Good job those matchmaking improvements are incoming, eh?


To round things off, Capcom also confirms that more news regarding the game’s April update will be shared in the very near future. The update itself will implement a new system that automatically deals with rage quitters by having their access to matchmaking blocked for set periods of time. Hopefully this’ll be enough to discourage such acts.
Will you be maining Guile when he brings the boom later this month? Give that hair a comb in the comments section below.



Points to Sony Bend’s PS4 Exclusive Project

Sony Bend’s long anticipated PlayStation 4 exclusive appears to be called Dead Don’t Ride. Seasoned industry enthusiast Shinobi602 spouted the name on Twitter earlier today, linking the title to the Uncharted: Golden Abyss developer. And, in addition to a casual mention on Reddit last year, it appears that the name has been kicking around for a while: Arran Green, who’s been a senior manager at Sony Worldwide Studios since 2012 earn to die

Dead Don't-Ride-Domain

This doesn’t really tell us an enormous amount about the title, of course. At the PS4’s launch party event, Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida hinted that the release would make us « panic » – suggesting that it would have something to do with the undead. The persistent rumour since then has been that it will be an open world horror game built using Unreal Engine 4. It seems like this all may be true – the twist being that there’ll be a motorcycle component, perhaps?
It’s probably too early to say, but we’re confident that this will be one of Sony’s announcements at E3 2016 in a couple of months. Are you up for some undead Road Rash? Start your engines in the comments section below.

Dead Don't-Ride-Domain-1

Civiballs 5

Civiballs 5 returns the series to it’s roots as an ancient civilization theme based puzzle game. Fans of the ongoing series will feel right at home at the new English Knight and Easter Island themed levels in this installment of the Civiballs series. After 2 very different installments in the Christmas themed Civiballs Christmas Edition at home and Civiballs: Balls in space the series returns to more familiar roots in this installment of the series. The puzzles and themes are a throwback to the old games and there is a sense of familiarity to how the puzzles are made and solved here. Earn to die


Graphics and Presentation

Just like the previous incarnations of Civiballs the game is presented with these two civilizations as the backdrops. You’ll be solving puzzles with Camelot and a few of King Arthur’s knights as the background in the English knight based themes. The stages based on Easter Island will have the famous Easter Island statues as the backdrop. Earn to die 1

The first 10 stages are set in England. The castle of Camelot is clearly visible on the backgrounds and a few knights will help you solve some puzzles. The statues of Easter Island are also platforms to bounce and roll on in the Easter Island stages.


Use the left click button on the mouse. Click on the chains holding the balls to cut them. Once they are cut you must place them in the corresponding colored vases.

Gameplay and Objectives

To get the balls into the right vases you must use the various tools at your disposal in the environment. Some of them will be familiar to long time Civballs players. Some are new to the series. Here they are:

Cannon: This shoots your balls into the right vases. It automatically fires when a ball is dropped inside. This tool has been used in a lot of the Civiballs games.

Slingshots: Activated by cutting a chain too, this tool will shoot your ball straight upwards.

Stone balls: These are used to bump or nudge the balls into the vases. Just be sure not to shoot them into the vases as this will cause a level fault.Civiballs5-2

Rotating platforms: Depending on how and what direction they rotate, these platforms can sink your balls or drop them to the ground. If you drop a colored ball to the ground, you’ll have no choice but to reset the level.

Bows and arrows:  Use these to shoot the bow and have the balls roll on the arrow. The arrow serves as an extra platform.

New: Knight’s helm: In one stage, you’ll have to roll the balls on numerous knights’ helmets to get them into the vases. These helms aren’t straight like the platforms so this will also be a slight test for your wits..

NEW. Knight’s Lance: The lances of jousting knights can also be used as rolling platforms but you’ll have to get the knights to turn in the right direction.

NEW. Easter Island Statues: The statues on Easter Island are also now platforms that you can roll the balls on.

There will usually be one or more of these tools to help you get the balls into the vases in the various levels. These tools are all over the levels but you’ll have to use them in the right way to get the job done. A lot of trial and error and sequential thinking will be needed to complete the levels so get ready to put your thinking caps on.

As in all the previous Civiballs games, all ages are welcome to play this game. No parent will frown at the content of the game. No violence or shocking material. Just stuff to test your wits and get you to solve puzzles.