Capcom Dishes Out Details on Guile and a Brand New Stage in Street Fighter V

Ah, that’s a bit better, Capcom. Following an earlier leak, the Japanese publisher’s gone ahead and confirmed that Guile will be April’s new Street Fighter V combatant. The muscular military man will return with all of his well-known techniques intact, along with his really-dumb-but-somehow-still-cool iconic hairdo. earn to die
As with Alex, March’s additional fighter, Guile will be free to use until the title’s in-game store allows you to spend real money. Of course, He’ll also come with his own story and set of trials, while season pass owners will, of course, be able to nab him and his premium costumes for no extra charge.
That’s not all, though. Originally appearing in Street Fighter II, the air force base stage will be making a comeback, and the new location will again be free for those who purchased the aforementioned season pass. Everyone else will have to cough up a reasonably hefty 70,000 Fight Money to unlock it. Good job those matchmaking improvements are incoming, eh?


To round things off, Capcom also confirms that more news regarding the game’s April update will be shared in the very near future. The update itself will implement a new system that automatically deals with rage quitters by having their access to matchmaking blocked for set periods of time. Hopefully this’ll be enough to discourage such acts.
Will you be maining Guile when he brings the boom later this month? Give that hair a comb in the comments section below.





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