Arnes De Mano

Arnes De Mano is a clever & addicting online stick-fighting game where you play the role of a Filipino martial arts fighter who has to defeat as many enemies as possible, and survive for as long as he can. Perform cool ninja-style flips and fancy attacks with your Arnis hard wood sticks (also known as Kali or Eskrima sticks) to stun your opponents, and keep them on the back foot. Increase your physical prowess, and learn exciting new Martial Arts moves as you progress. earn to die


The unusual control system makes this cool fight-for-survival action game extremely unique and challenging. It requires really fast reactions, and your observation skills are also tested as there are sneaky attackers always popping up out of nowhere to keep you on your toes. Can you send enough of them packing to reach the top of the martial arts scoring chart? It’s time to see if you can become a true Arnis Warrior! Armed With Wings 3

Arnes De Mano



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