Tree of Life

Punctuality, online game survive spiffy graphics from Korea is Tree of Life has officially opened the beta version on Steam after a long period of Early Access. a different type of item, you can sell to get money to buy the equipment for themselves. Earn to die

The tree of Life is an online game Sandbox to play content, creating the feeling of being « live » as well as « exist » sincerely in the virtual world. All the players will be involved in a real community with a complex economy, dynamic life and requires gamers to communicate, coordinate with each other regularly.

The control mechanisms in the Tree of Life go towards a third perspective, quite simple and almost nothing too hard with the players. The world in the Tree of Life is a vast open world, where the same players the experience of a common server. However, the part played in the Tree of Life is not really hard when players can easily search out food map, however, they will have to face the danger always stalking.Jailbreakers

In the Tree of Life, the player will be selected up to 24 different careers. Every profession has these properties, as well as the skill to help private players can make these products, equipped with his own values. Of course, players can learn and switch between 24 kinds of occupations.

The remarkable thing is that this profession has a certain interaction with each other, for example the Carpenter profession plays an important role in the Tree of Life, and is almost a career that each player must learn. This came from the Carpenter can make the dish fitted as casting for Blacksmith, tailor measure or simply trolley for the farmers.



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