Final Fantasy VII

Version Final Fantasy VII on the new iOS this launch actually keep all elements from the original version on the Consle or PC. There are also differences is just a thumbnail interface, every action of the player will now touch operation via touch screen. But anyway, with the faithful love the Final Fantasy series, then just like that is more than enough to satisfy blazing his phone party. However, for compatibility with mobile devices so the images in the game are also beautiful and magnificent as those of his brothers. earn to die

Final-Fantasy -VII

The plot in Final Fantasy VII are we again, strange planet Planet (also known as Gaia) again become chaos. Energy production company called Shinra Inc. have indiscriminate exploitation of the planet’s life energy (known as Lifestream) to use the same as a kind of fuel for every student. Of course, say short back then here is an action with the aim of not good of this company and everything became so much worse after a short time. At this, the main Cloud and his friends must stand up to fight and prevent the threat of imminent.


Due to the mechanism of action, gameplay in Final Fantasy VII are so I will speak again briefly. Gamers will come to the battle at random in some areas while moving. The match takes place in the form of hitting, you will give the form the character’s actions through a few simple screen touch operation.

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