In this game, you will enter a character role as Redeemer is called Etherlords. This character property in the hands of a power that can build the whole world.
Witnessing a horrible event has the name Cataclysm occurred, bringing the world to the end of the world, you have to use the power bulbs yourself to comments that make up the land and against the other Etherlords simultaneously Discover plenty of mystery in the game. Earn to die 5
Etherlords promises to allow you to participate in many of the Fiery battle between the army and a lot of virtual creatures. Mobile games will delivered to you the task of matching cards, many types of creatures, and manage resources with the role of Matter or Ether under a specific strategy. Earn to die 6

The battle in Etherlords are relatively simple and easy to understand for your character will automatically fight. If you to auto then the character will only launch the most basic attack but you can order the characters using the special attacks for about 10 seconds. You should choose special attacks are likely to cause the greatest damage despite attacks that work with an enemy or an enemy group name. g damage extremely large. For example the Crono can slash the Vortex, Lucca using its inherent magic to create a whirlwind of fire burned the enemies … Characters in Chrono Trigger systems not many but enough for us to build many different game lineup. On the road to adventure, Crono and Lucca will meet and recruit was more Frog-Knights in the enchanted frog form, Robo-one robot from the future are Lucca repair and finally Ayla-female Chief. .. to readers not wonder when playing, I always explain here , Robo will not have the ability to use magic because it’s just a robot or Ayla to from the past, the time of her life magic does not yet exist. However, later there will be a small task, if you complete it then every character learned this ability.

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