Released by Badpotion, Hyperburner is a mobile game promising spaceship racing game with attractive and beautiful images. Gamers will control the space shuttle flew over the perilous environment at high speeds, and are avoiding the obstacles.Earn to die 5

Hyperburner was designed entirely in 3D with the perspective of the player are placed immediately after the spaceship, suffocation feeling like yourself sneaking between the narrow slits. There will be at least 6 zone environment, gamers need to pass at least 3 level often before open the endless level in each zone. Earn to die 6





In this game, you will enter a character role as Redeemer is called Etherlords. This character property in the hands of a power that can build the whole world.
Witnessing a horrible event has the name Cataclysm occurred, bringing the world to the end of the world, you have to use the power bulbs yourself to comments that make up the land and against the other Etherlords simultaneously Discover plenty of mystery in the game. Earn to die 5
Etherlords promises to allow you to participate in many of the Fiery battle between the army and a lot of virtual creatures. Mobile games will delivered to you the task of matching cards, many types of creatures, and manage resources with the role of Matter or Ether under a specific strategy. Earn to die 6

The battle in Etherlords are relatively simple and easy to understand for your character will automatically fight. If you to auto then the character will only launch the most basic attack but you can order the characters using the special attacks for about 10 seconds. You should choose special attacks are likely to cause the greatest damage despite attacks that work with an enemy or an enemy group name. g damage extremely large. For example the Crono can slash the Vortex, Lucca using its inherent magic to create a whirlwind of fire burned the enemies … Characters in Chrono Trigger systems not many but enough for us to build many different game lineup. On the road to adventure, Crono and Lucca will meet and recruit was more Frog-Knights in the enchanted frog form, Robo-one robot from the future are Lucca repair and finally Ayla-female Chief. .. to readers not wonder when playing, I always explain here , Robo will not have the ability to use magic because it’s just a robot or Ayla to from the past, the time of her life magic does not yet exist. However, later there will be a small task, if you complete it then every character learned this ability.

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Luna Chronicles

After about three weeks of running the version of Prelude extension, today Mobile and Eyedentity Cherry Credits was officially released Luna Chronicles worldwide today (not including South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau). Luna Chronicles present has supported English, Indonesian, Thai, and Vietnamese will also soon be integrated. Earn to die


Players who join the test run stage Prelude will get exclusive rewards include a 4-star hero, 100 key as well as 10 stone evolution Ally Evolvers. Luna Chronicles is set in the world of Luna, this is an idyllic and peaceful land but are threatened by dark forces.


In Luna Chronicles, players take on the role of Cloud the boy is recruited or acquisition Warrior or mighty monsters on the way to form a group, perform the task to assassinate Erega. Besides the same companion embarks on a fight with hordes of monsters, the player will have to build towns and defend it before the attack of the enemy. This is one of the novelties compared to the game in the same genre that Luna Chronicles brought to players.


System ownership not diverse character but a Warrior will have many shapes of stars ownership. In addition, this number is also the expression for the strength of the main character. The warrior in Luna Chronicles are divided according to ability in a lineup including: Attack, Support, Balance and Defense. From there, players can rely on to choose and arrange the lineup so reasonable.


With more than 100 hero to collect, Luna Chronicles gives the player a lot of choices for his tactics. Each character possesses for himself and a skill 2 skill passive. The skills of the warrior in Luna Chronicles is also made up of the purpose of use to the player easily catch include Attack, Defense, Recovery, Resist and Curse.With the main form is beyond the pass, the battle of Luna Chronicles take place on turn-based and the maximum number for a team that is 5. The player will have to calculate to control each character’s activities according to the weekly to be able to take the win. Through here can see that, the tactics of Luna Chronicles is pretty high importance in thinking acumen of each player.


Similar to the game of the same genre, Luna Chronicles also has the common features such as enhanced, increasing levels, equipment, … Players can through this feature to increase the strength of his character for help for the task becomes easier. Besides the task according to the storyline, the game also brought many different game modes such as PvP violently or infinite Dungeon mode, its capital city, Guild, Arena. Assassin’s Creed Identity


Rymdkapsel is a mobile tactical game for iOS devices. Although the game mobile graphics, this simple but attract more players and won second prize in a contest game creation. When Rymdkapsel started, players will see a space station and that is your base. The tasks that you need to do in this game is to push back the attack of many invaders. Earn to die


At first the players will feel relatively difficult because the enemy is equipped with defense systems are extremely varied and sure. Must say that the developer really ingenious when it created a game has simple graphics but features again deeply and even addictive. Can you will many times myself that « playing more a game of go » and ultimately feels too passionate when playing this game. Paragon




According to new information received, online game shooting impressive MOBA Paragon will open free trial PC and PS4 on right end of this month, namely from June 26 to 30. This is a very good opportunity for gamers to play Vietnam try this blockbuster products without costly buy founder pack of games such as time trials so far. earn to die
Basically, Paragon still owns shooting gameplay with fast-paced, powerful, like so many blockbuster action game from Epic Games. However other than Destiny, one other shooter on the PS4, the Paragon will be a online game with MOBA orientation and gameplay focused on the third.

Gamers will experience many different character classes and in the process enjoy the game, we will be using a lot of wild cards with diverse skills for each respective character, quite similar to the gameplay of Titanfall, one of the best shooters in about 3 years. Rope Racers

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X

Kingdom Hearts first appeared in 2002 for the PlayStation 2. This is a role-playing game starring the Disney characters and the familiar faces of Final Fantasy. Over more than a decade of operation and development, Kingdom Hearts Unchained X became the first mobile game brands came out of the world market. earn to die

In Kingdom Hearts Unchained X, players will explore the story from the section the first of the series of this game. For the first time gamers love Kingdoms Hearts can create another employer for the legendary Keyblade and adventure gorgeous Disney worlds with familiar Disney characters. Spiral Episode 1

The game will be the general context of the Kingdom Hearts III , the plot stretches across multiple screens and gameplay, « a turn » fast, very consistent on a compact touch platform. Accordingly, the fan series, Kingdom Hearts will enjoy a beautiful fairy world take place in the time of battle « Kayblade War ». This means there will be lots of Keyblade knights existed in this period and you will be the role of a knight in it.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X is considered to be the « beginning » of the Kingdom Hearts series of games that Square Enix ongoing, Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 include Final Chapter, X Back cover Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts III and the relevance and impact in one way or another.

Spiral Episode 1

Spiral Episode 1 is a pretty interesting game when the combination of adventure with a little action. Largely game played according to the storyline, set in the future: a city, the ploy reminiscent of the appeal by the rather mysterious element (the hero suffers memory loss, the Government tried to conceal something, and then the police curfew, …).
The graphics are neat design, city Solliel a bit reminiscent to the title Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The character in the game is a hybrid between animation styles and Dreamworks designs. Earn to die

The battle was also pretty good investment, simple but not boring. You just need to touch the target to hit and made the attacks.
Climbing is also the fun part but unwittingly become the weak point in the game. The fixed direction makes the story climb must follow a certain order. And you will have to search and order that a thing is not easy when you don’t even know the start of the climb is where. Final Fantasy VII


Need For Speed: Edge

As we have reported in previous articles, the end blockbuster online racing game Need For Speed: Edge was officially opened trials in the Chinese market, and Tencent released.

Known Need for Speed: Spearhead Edge by EA’s studio teams in Korea developed based on the Frostbite 3 engine, promises to give gamers the impressive images, from the type of car that we must dream life with enchanting paths, beautiful scenery. earn to die


like many other online games racing, Need for speed: Edge gives players experience the high-speed corners and elevation demonstrate opportunities both sitting on the expensive sports car that most people can only dream of, not only delight but also watch can walk around town, and even pierce them if you like. Tree of Life


One thing to remember, you need a closed beta key can test this game at the moment. Future games will be widely open beta keys do not need to.

Tree of Life

Punctuality, online game survive spiffy graphics from Korea is Tree of Life has officially opened the beta version on Steam after a long period of Early Access. a different type of item, you can sell to get money to buy the equipment for themselves. Earn to die

The tree of Life is an online game Sandbox to play content, creating the feeling of being « live » as well as « exist » sincerely in the virtual world. All the players will be involved in a real community with a complex economy, dynamic life and requires gamers to communicate, coordinate with each other regularly.

The control mechanisms in the Tree of Life go towards a third perspective, quite simple and almost nothing too hard with the players. The world in the Tree of Life is a vast open world, where the same players the experience of a common server. However, the part played in the Tree of Life is not really hard when players can easily search out food map, however, they will have to face the danger always stalking.Jailbreakers

In the Tree of Life, the player will be selected up to 24 different careers. Every profession has these properties, as well as the skill to help private players can make these products, equipped with his own values. Of course, players can learn and switch between 24 kinds of occupations.

The remarkable thing is that this profession has a certain interaction with each other, for example the Carpenter profession plays an important role in the Tree of Life, and is almost a career that each player must learn. This came from the Carpenter can make the dish fitted as casting for Blacksmith, tailor measure or simply trolley for the farmers.


A great injustice has been done. You are a good guy, and totally innocent yet find yourself in jail facing a long, harsh sentence. You finally cannot take this wrongful imprisonment any more. It’s time to break out and become a jailbreaker that goes down in folklore! Jailbreakers is a « great escape » game that will have you on the edge of your seat! In this challenging, reflex-based skill game, you must escape, and guide other escaping prisoners on foot from a well-guarded facility using the precise movement of your computer mouse cursor. You must carefully direct the other innocent detainees (that’s what they say anyway) through 15 increasingly difficult maze-based levels filled with sweeping laser beams, locked doors, hawk-eyed security guards, and other tricky prison-style obstacles and impediments. As if this wasn’t challenging enough – you have to complete each level under the additional pressure of a time limit! earn to die


This high-octane action game is all about using deft mouse movements and keen observation skills, where your pedestrian prisoners rely on their quick feet alone on their mad dash for freedom. You really need to be alert and precise in your movements in order to dodge and weave around the prison’s quickly changing laser beam defenses. Good luck out there in the open – and watch those fearsome lasers! Arnes De Mano