Released by Badpotion, Hyperburner is a mobile game promising spaceship racing game with attractive and beautiful images. Gamers will control the space shuttle flew over the perilous environment at high speeds, and are avoiding the obstacles.Earn to die 5

Hyperburner was designed entirely in 3D with the perspective of the player are placed immediately after the spaceship, suffocation feeling like yourself sneaking between the narrow slits. There will be at least 6 zone environment, gamers need to pass at least 3 level often before open the endless level in each zone. Earn to die 6





In this game, you will enter a character role as Redeemer is called Etherlords. This character property in the hands of a power that can build the whole world.
Witnessing a horrible event has the name Cataclysm occurred, bringing the world to the end of the world, you have to use the power bulbs yourself to comments that make up the land and against the other Etherlords simultaneously Discover plenty of mystery in the game. Earn to die 5
Etherlords promises to allow you to participate in many of the Fiery battle between the army and a lot of virtual creatures. Mobile games will delivered to you the task of matching cards, many types of creatures, and manage resources with the role of Matter or Ether under a specific strategy. Earn to die 6

The battle in Etherlords are relatively simple and easy to understand for your character will automatically fight. If you to auto then the character will only launch the most basic attack but you can order the characters using the special attacks for about 10 seconds. You should choose special attacks are likely to cause the greatest damage despite attacks that work with an enemy or an enemy group name. g damage extremely large. For example the Crono can slash the Vortex, Lucca using its inherent magic to create a whirlwind of fire burned the enemies … Characters in Chrono Trigger systems not many but enough for us to build many different game lineup. On the road to adventure, Crono and Lucca will meet and recruit was more Frog-Knights in the enchanted frog form, Robo-one robot from the future are Lucca repair and finally Ayla-female Chief. .. to readers not wonder when playing, I always explain here , Robo will not have the ability to use magic because it’s just a robot or Ayla to from the past, the time of her life magic does not yet exist. However, later there will be a small task, if you complete it then every character learned this ability.

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Racing Raider

The races in the Racing Raider incredibly vibrant and fiery, in addition to control his car running right by the track specified then you need to pay attention to the combat between the riders together. Earn to die

Sure, you still haven’t read forget the young boys to come from the CFF Studio-Team mobile has been very successful with the three kingdoms vs zombies, ninjas Astigmatism and sticks As Italy. All products that come from them are highly from the beautiful graphics for the next innovative gameplay.
After more than 1 year, the quiet clam after the three kingdoms vs zombies, recently CFF Studio has unexpectedly returned. To mark a special event, at fanpage group revealed a new project that they had during the pregnancy through. Reportedly, the new products will carry the name Racing Raider, this is a mobile game online racing shooter genre has been fever Free gamers community 8 x, 9 x.

A bit about Racing Raider was revealed, the game is set after the third world war, the Mainland was the rubble, the city of the dead, the giant desert, the ocean salt and the oil open non-stop fire, … The world’s population with just 1%, as predicted by the Prophet. They cluster together to survive, rely on the advantage of holding resources to trade and development, the city of comparatively far from each other. Gas station, garage, repair stations sprouting up everywhere to cater the needs of travel trade.

But so is not enough with the risks along the way, the radioactive creatures transform, flood Street robbers, extreme weather … They started the armament for the vehicle speed in order to defend themselves, and progress forward.

The races in the Racing Raider incredibly vibrant and fiery, in addition to control his car running right by the track specified then you need to pay attention to the combat between the riders together. By upgrading the weapons, the player can destroy the opponent at any time using the tactics of his own. Besides competitions between players, in-game systems also have smart AI systems and lot of interesting game modes.
Currently, Racing Raider are still in the process of finalizing and started calling for support from people who care. Objectives of the CFF Studio for your project is within 90 days will receive a 172 million USD. Luna Chronicles


Luna Chronicles

After about three weeks of running the version of Prelude extension, today Mobile and Eyedentity Cherry Credits was officially released Luna Chronicles worldwide today (not including South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau). Luna Chronicles present has supported English, Indonesian, Thai, and Vietnamese will also soon be integrated. Earn to die


Players who join the test run stage Prelude will get exclusive rewards include a 4-star hero, 100 key as well as 10 stone evolution Ally Evolvers. Luna Chronicles is set in the world of Luna, this is an idyllic and peaceful land but are threatened by dark forces.


In Luna Chronicles, players take on the role of Cloud the boy is recruited or acquisition Warrior or mighty monsters on the way to form a group, perform the task to assassinate Erega. Besides the same companion embarks on a fight with hordes of monsters, the player will have to build towns and defend it before the attack of the enemy. This is one of the novelties compared to the game in the same genre that Luna Chronicles brought to players.


System ownership not diverse character but a Warrior will have many shapes of stars ownership. In addition, this number is also the expression for the strength of the main character. The warrior in Luna Chronicles are divided according to ability in a lineup including: Attack, Support, Balance and Defense. From there, players can rely on to choose and arrange the lineup so reasonable.


With more than 100 hero to collect, Luna Chronicles gives the player a lot of choices for his tactics. Each character possesses for himself and a skill 2 skill passive. The skills of the warrior in Luna Chronicles is also made up of the purpose of use to the player easily catch include Attack, Defense, Recovery, Resist and Curse.With the main form is beyond the pass, the battle of Luna Chronicles take place on turn-based and the maximum number for a team that is 5. The player will have to calculate to control each character’s activities according to the weekly to be able to take the win. Through here can see that, the tactics of Luna Chronicles is pretty high importance in thinking acumen of each player.


Similar to the game of the same genre, Luna Chronicles also has the common features such as enhanced, increasing levels, equipment, … Players can through this feature to increase the strength of his character for help for the task becomes easier. Besides the task according to the storyline, the game also brought many different game modes such as PvP violently or infinite Dungeon mode, its capital city, Guild, Arena. Assassin’s Creed Identity

Assassin’s Creed Identity

At the time of the end of February this year, the community of gamers were extremely excited when Assassin’s Creed Identity officially launched on the iOS platform. After almost 3 months of doing rain wind on this operating system, Android version at last of the game has also appeared on Google’s Play. This is a good signal for all fans of the game. Earn to die


First of all, we need to praise the team developing Assassin’s Creed Identity, they’ve built with the latest 3D games. Every detail, scenes in the game are designed meticulously from shadows angled to the works. Even both day and night rule also be care not inferior to what the version of the game on the PC/Console.


About the gameplay, Assassin’s Creed Identity will take players into the action phase other than completely immersive gameplay action stealthily as once did with the game Assassin’s Creed. This mobile game takes players to the Italian Renaissance as did with Assassin’s Creed 2 and Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood. Especially in the Assassin’s Creed Identity, players can customize the character Assassin according to his liking from 4 character classes is the Berserker, Shadow Blade, Trickster and Thief.


Assassin’s Creed Identity still follow the traditional level-training type model for the games of the same genre on mobile. Gamers can collect more experience through quests and events that bring the system to the. Thus, although the choice of character class, you still have the right to put his hands up the diverse skills, developed through the process of accumulating experience and level up as a true role-playing products.


In-game control mechanisms will be integrated directly on the screen and gamers just touches the claw to move and attack enemies. You can use the Hidden Blade to knock the enemy a way to silently or use melee skills as if being detected.


However, the Assassin’s Creed Identity has made a point of excluding small and will make the game players have to feel uncomfortable. The game does not allow gamers to move comfortably, you can just explore the city in a certain area depending on the mission. Perhaps this is also the reason leading to the interaction between characters with the wall, the assassin of us guys will choose the form of climbing game though can walk through specified location 1 is easy.


In General, the Assassin’s Creed Identity still receive the praise from the community of gamers, appreciated from experts. Although the small error has occurred but it is totally understandable because there is nothing is perfect. Anyway, just download and experience you can feel everything what interesting that games bring. Rymdkapsel


Rymdkapsel is a mobile tactical game for iOS devices. Although the game mobile graphics, this simple but attract more players and won second prize in a contest game creation. When Rymdkapsel started, players will see a space station and that is your base. The tasks that you need to do in this game is to push back the attack of many invaders. Earn to die


At first the players will feel relatively difficult because the enemy is equipped with defense systems are extremely varied and sure. Must say that the developer really ingenious when it created a game has simple graphics but features again deeply and even addictive. Can you will many times myself that « playing more a game of go » and ultimately feels too passionate when playing this game. Paragon




According to new information received, online game shooting impressive MOBA Paragon will open free trial PC and PS4 on right end of this month, namely from June 26 to 30. This is a very good opportunity for gamers to play Vietnam try this blockbuster products without costly buy founder pack of games such as time trials so far. earn to die
Basically, Paragon still owns shooting gameplay with fast-paced, powerful, like so many blockbuster action game from Epic Games. However other than Destiny, one other shooter on the PS4, the Paragon will be a online game with MOBA orientation and gameplay focused on the third.

Gamers will experience many different character classes and in the process enjoy the game, we will be using a lot of wild cards with diverse skills for each respective character, quite similar to the gameplay of Titanfall, one of the best shooters in about 3 years. Rope Racers

Rope Racers

Rope Racers in this funny adventure that allows players to swing the wire obstacle and terrain looks like Spiderman. To pass, the player needs to use every skill from the climb, turn, Sprint to take advantage of the kind of leverage to become the first landing rolling. The world of Rope incredibly diverse Racers and abundance across the lands of the world from Paris to Las Vegas.


With the ambition to become the best wire game of all time, the Rope more integrated multiplayer elements Racers extremely unique. This mobile game will have smart pair system to find opponents of similar skill level together make the race becomes competitive, fair and high. Each battle group will consist of 9 members are randomly selected from around the world.


Control in Rope Racers is relatively easy to grasp. The player started the race by tap and hold on the screen to throw the rope and rocking for the character to jump over the obstacles. In the process of « wire » don’t forget to collect the coins are hidden in each level next to the game challenge series launched. The coins to earn upgrades, has the effect of increasing the power for the character or unlock more new characters.


To increase the competitiveness of the game, the player can bet virtual money as a participation fee for the race. Your position at the end of the race will determine the players will lose money because the losers or double bet if win. In addition, a key point in the game is to build yourself a great team from the multitude of characters and special skills.

Train Conductor World

Following the launch this time, Train Conductor was viewed as rather new shirt with three dimensional technology creates vivid images beyond imagination. Not only that, Voxel Agents also insists Train Conductor World added many improvements, making the task of controlling the train before becoming more dominant and in World Net half-year wait from the previous version, this is definitely the highlight of the game this year. earn to die


Just like with the previous precedent, the train used in the game always encounter the unexpected events that one of them is the sudden transition or unforeseen events. Parallel to that, the game has also become attractive through increasing the possibility for activities with the appropriate adjustments. Click here to also point to the Train Conductor World remains the color of raw experience a long game, reminiscent of a time of Train Conductor from the first days of launch. Kingdom Hearts Unchained X


This must be a Train Conductor game by far the most attractive. Gamers not only enjoy the benefits from the modern equipment, but also through it looking for colorful produce. With Visual effects, Train Conductor World is viewed as one of the most attractive game talk about trains. At the Train Conductor World, the flow of liquid is designed to hug the terrain generated plenty of excellent experience for players such as hills, chasms, the turn or the Tomb tunnel, from the Tower of ice and snow mountain to the bustling roads of Paris, all flowers will create a battle map special to explore power deals for players. Train Conductor World with new experiences the same subtle animation brings multi-faceted custom personal affection for the players. The game will definitely make pleasing experience when fan agreement.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X

Kingdom Hearts first appeared in 2002 for the PlayStation 2. This is a role-playing game starring the Disney characters and the familiar faces of Final Fantasy. Over more than a decade of operation and development, Kingdom Hearts Unchained X became the first mobile game brands came out of the world market. earn to die

In Kingdom Hearts Unchained X, players will explore the story from the section the first of the series of this game. For the first time gamers love Kingdoms Hearts can create another employer for the legendary Keyblade and adventure gorgeous Disney worlds with familiar Disney characters. Spiral Episode 1

The game will be the general context of the Kingdom Hearts III , the plot stretches across multiple screens and gameplay, « a turn » fast, very consistent on a compact touch platform. Accordingly, the fan series, Kingdom Hearts will enjoy a beautiful fairy world take place in the time of battle « Kayblade War ». This means there will be lots of Keyblade knights existed in this period and you will be the role of a knight in it.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X is considered to be the « beginning » of the Kingdom Hearts series of games that Square Enix ongoing, Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 include Final Chapter, X Back cover Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts III and the relevance and impact in one way or another.